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Chimney Inspection
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Full 21-Point Safety Chimney Inspection by highly trained, licensed and insured chimney contractors. Inspection fee waived towards any additional job cost.

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The Easy Grizzly Process

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Start by scheduling your chimney inspection with one our certified technicians. Contact our team to get started!

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Inspection Visit

During the initial phase of a chimney inspection, a certified technician will conduct a visual examination of the exterior and interior of the chimney.

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Thorough PDF Photo Report

Immediately after the inspection, you'll receive a detailed report outlining any issues found, recommended repairs or maintenance, and project photos– empowering you to make well informed decisions. And you'll always have a digital copy stored conveniently in your email!


Your Questions, Answered

A chimney inspection is necessary to ensure the safety and functionality of your chimney. It helps identify potential hazards, blockages, and damage that could lead to fires or carbon monoxide leaks.

Chimneys should be swept annually to remove creosote buildup, which can cause chimney fires. More frequent cleaning may be needed for heavy use.

Yes, an annual chimney inspection is recommended to catch issues early and prevent costly repairs or dangers.

Signs of an unsafe chimney include smoke backing up into the home, foul odors, visible cracks, loose bricks, or a damaged chimney cap.

A chimney sweep is a professional trained to clean, inspect, and maintain chimneys to ensure they are safe and efficient for use in fireplaces or heating appliances.

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Professional Chimney Inspection Now Only $0

Complimantary with your commitment to any chimney project, otherwize $89.