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Keep your home safe – and get a professional chimney inspection by one of our certified technicians. Ensure your chimney is in top condition with a professional chimney inspection. Our experts provide routine cleaning to ensure your chimney is safe and working properly.

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How important is a chimney inspection?

A chimney inspection is necessary for safety and functionality reasons. It is also required during the buying or selling of a property, in the case of a missing chimney cap, to remove creosote, or after a change in fuel source. It is also recommended to check for water leaks, assess the health of a chimney in a new place, and identify any potential damage or deterioration.


Professional Chimney Inspection

Eco Grizzly is a full-service fireplace and chimney company that offers professional chimney inspection services. Our certified technicians provide all three levels of chimney inspection recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). A chimney inspection is an essential part of regular maintenance for gas or wood-burning fireplaces. It helps identify minor issues before they turn into major repairs and ensures that the chimney is functioning correctly and is safe to use.

How to Know if Your Chimney is Safe to Use

If you are not sure whether your chimney is safe to use or if it has been a while since your last inspection, it is a good time to contact us. NFPA 211 recommends an annual inspection if you continually use your chimney and haven’t changed anything about it.

What Level of Chimney Inspection Do You Need?

The level of chimney inspection depends on factors such as use, condition, damage, and changes. A Level 1 inspection is a minimum requirement and is recommended annually. A Level 2 inspection is more detailed and is required upon the sale or transfer of a property or after an operation malfunction or external event that may have caused damage to the chimney. A Level 3 inspection is necessary if significant damage is suspected.

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How Do you Check a Chimney?
The Different Levels of Chimney Inspection

In a Level 1 visual inspection, your technician will assess the integrity of the chimney structure and flue, search for signs of damage, and note any areas of deterioration. A Level 1 inspection is recommended if you have not changed – and do not plan to change – your heating appliance or system. This level is considered a minimum requirement, recommended annually or before any light repair work.

A bit more detailed and highly recommended, a Level 2 safety inspection. Our technicians use a 360-degree camera up the flue to fully examine the internal surfaces and joints of all flue liners and assess the entirety of your chimney system. A thorough analysis is completed without being invasive or damaging.

Additionally, a Level 2 evaluation is required upon the sale or transfer of a property or after an operation malfunction or external event that is most likely to have actually caused damage to the chimney. For sellers, a Level 2 inspection may be required before listing your home. It provides potential buyers the assurance that the fireplace is in good, usable condition in addition to possibly identifying problems you can fix before the full home inspection. No demolition equipment is required to open doors, panels, or coverings with Level 2 inspections.

Moreover, it doesn’t require your inspector to remove any permanent parts of your home, like siding, chase covers, or wall coverings.
In some cases, a city inspector may require a Level 2 inspection to confirm chimney integrity. Other indicators that this level of inspection is warranted are building fires, chimney fires, seismic events, and weather events. It also requires that property owners have the inspection completed by a company that is responsible for venting, installing, inspecting, repairing, and/or servicing heat-producing appliances.

A Level 3 inspection involves the removal of certain elements of the structure or chimney to gain access to concealed areas of the chimney or flue. A Level 3 inspection is only done if we suspect there is significant damage. If this is the case for your chimney, our certified technician will take the time to explain to you why it is recommended during your appointment.

Select a Certified Chimney Inspector

A chimney inspection by Eco Grizzly’s certified technicians is an investment in your home’s safety that can reduce the danger of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Our technicians have earned the industry’s most respected training on fire codes, clearances, and standards for the construction and maintenance of chimney systems. By getting an inspection, you can ensure that your chimney is safe to use and properly functioning.


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