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Chimney Flue Liner

Your chimney has many components that keep it functioning properly, a key element of a safe and functional chimney is the chimney flue liner. A chimney flue liner is important for safe removal of smoke and combustibles from your home. Proper flue liner installation and maintenance ensure your chimney works efficiently and safely! With our help, you can have the peace of mind that comes with a safer, more efficient chimney system.

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What is a Chimney Liner?

Eco Grizzly is a full-service fireplace and chimney company that offers professional chimney inspection services. Our certified technicians provide all three levels of inspections recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). A chimney inspection is an essential part of regular maintenance for gas or wood-burning fireplaces. It helps identify minor issues before they turn into major repairs and ensures that the chimney is functioning correctly and is safe to use.


Why a Chimney Liner is Necessary

It’s primary function is to ensure your house is protected by allowing fumes to exit your home safely instead of into your chimney firebox, when you create a fire in your fireplace. The chimney flue liner also serves as a barrier that prevents combustible materials from entering your ceilings, walls, or attics. During your annual chimney inspection, one of our certified technicians will examine the condition of your flue liner and advise on any necessary repairs or replacements.

If you have a clay flue liner found in masonry chimneys, a different type of maintenance will be required to ensure that your chimney is functioning safely and efficiently. Clay tile liners are quite durable and can survive decades of corrosive gasses and creosote without deterioration—considering this, the repair process requires a concrete resurfacing and relining. We have the necessary expertise to ensure that your chimney is always ready to keep your home safe and warm.


How to Tell When You Need a Chimney Liner

Drafting problems: This means your chimney is not efficiently pulling out smoke and other combustibles allowing them to back up in your living space.

A smelly fireplace: This can indicate that you have a buildup of creosote and soot forming on your chimney liner. The sulfur in smoke can create a corrosive reaction when mixed with moisture, in turn eating holes in metal liners over time.

If you have a clay liner: Look for chipped or broken pieces of tiles that have fallen down into your firebox. When water gets into your chimney, clay liners are subject to moisture damage that causes deterioration and cracks that can lead to structural problems and expensive repairs.

If you have any concern about the condition of your liner, contact us today to schedule your inspection and find out how you can upgrade your chimney and if you need a chimney liner replacement!

Chimney Liner Installation

It’s essential to ensure that your chimney liner is a match for the venting output required of a new system. Weather conditions can wear down your chimney liner, leaving it vulnerable to damage and a possible chimney fire hazard. Don’t risk waiting until it’s too late—if you’re unsure about the condition of your liner, act now and contact us to arrange an inspection. We can provide you with a reliable solution and help you with your chimney flue liner installation so it’s up to the highest safety standards. Don’t wait—contact us today!


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