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Chimney Flue Repair

Chimney flue liner repair may be due to several factors, such as deterioration, damage, or the utilization of an incompatible fuel source. These issues can significantly impair the chimney's structural integrity, thereby increasing the risk of fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning. As such, flue relining is a crucial maintenance process to ensure a safe and functional chimney. Flue relining involves installing a new lining inside the chimney to improve its safety and functionality.

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The Significance of Chimney Liner Repair for Fireplace Safety and Longevity

A chimney liner is crucial for fireplace safety. Most chimneys have clay tile liners that can crack over time. Our relining method seals and strengthens the tiles and joints, protecting them from heat, fire, and corrosion. If a chimney flue is not completely resurfaced it is constantly exposed to gasses, heat and smoke from the fire. This ultimately, ensures a longer life for your chimney.


Can You Reline a Chimney Flue?

Yes, it is possible to reline a chimney flue. To reline a chimney flue, our professional chimney contractor will typically use the resurfacing method. The flue resurfacing method involves pouring a cement-like material, called Thermocrete, into the chimney flue and then using a spinning tool to spread it evenly across the walls of the flue. This creates a smooth and insulated surface that helps improve the chimney’s structural integrity and prevent heat transfer.

Why Would You Need to Reline a Chimney?

There are several reasons why a chimney might need to be relined. For example, if the existing liner is damaged or deteriorated, it can cause a safety hazard by allowing dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide to seep into your home. Additionally, a damaged liner can cause smoke to billow back into the home, creating a fire hazard.

If you suspect water damage, burn a fireplace fire, live in an earthquake prone area or have an older chimney, it is possible your chimney liner or previous coating has suffered some deterioration. One of our highly trained and certified technicians will come out for an inspection to determine if this is your case. Relining or resurfacing is also needed when properly sizing the chimney for a new appliance; such as converting from wood to gas heat.


The Significance of a Chimney Flue

Your chimney flue is the passageway through which smoke or gas travel to safely exit the chimney. If there is damage or cracks to your clay or brick flue lining, this can be dangerous. As a chimney ages, liner can deteriorate, meaning there is a higher risk of the fire smoke or gasses venting into your home. Many homeowners are surprised to hear that poorly-maintained flues and chimneys are actually one of the common causes for home fires.

A quality and well-maintained liner will direct combustible elements, gasses, and fireplace smoke up the chimney to the outside. If your chimney is missing proper lining or is damaged, this will affect the draft and efficiency of your chimney system.

Benefits of Resurfacing your Chimney Flue

Prevent damage to your chimney: While we tend to think of bricks as strong and solid, the mortar that keeps bricks together is prone to deterioration. Chimney liners protect your masonry by adding a layer of defense against corrosive byproducts created by the combustions of a burning fire.

Improves Efficiency: When replacing older fireplaces or installing new ones, chances are your existing flue won’t be exact. A chimney liner boosts energy efficiency as it helps the fire to burn stronger while minimizing loss of heat. This creates optimal air flow within the chimney.

Prevents Overheating of the Chimney and Lengthens Its Lifespan: Because the tiles are susceptible to cracking when rapidly exposed to uneven heating, they must be adequately maintained and inspected before use. Once the tile has cracked, it creates a vulnerability that could lead to a house fire.

Reduces Chances of a Fire: The chimney liner serves as a barrier between the fire, the chimney and surrounding elements.
Easier Fireplace Maintenance: Chimney liners are much easier to clean and maintain as compared to the brick and mortar of a chimney without a liner.

Prevents Toxic Gasses Indoors: A fireplace can produce dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide as a result of incomplete combustion. In the absence of a chimney liner, these gasses have a high chance of leaking back indoors and causing poor air quality in your home. Severe carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. A chimney liner efficiently exhausts these gasses up and out of your home.

Reduces Soot and Creosote Buildup: These substances are highly flammable and difficult to clean.

Eco Grizzly’s Chimney Flue Repair: Thermocrete and Installation

At our Eco Grizzly, our professionally trained technicians will inspect your fireplace and chimney to ensure your chimney liner is in excellent condition. We use the a Resurfacing Technologt for chimneys with cracked or fragmented flues that are otherwise sound. This system applies a coating over the entire flue, resurfacing the interior and restoring it to like-new condition. Our professional Thermocrete Installers will verify that your newly restored chimney is completely sealed and smoke-tight by using camera equipment for video scanning. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure your home and family are safe!

Eco Grizzly offers comprehensive chimney flue repair services using the innovative Thermocrete technology, which provides a durable ceramic liner to restore, repair, and improve energy conversion in chimneys and chimney flues. Thermocrete® utilizes advanced sprayed ceramic technology to safeguard and fortify chimney structures. This premium liner seals gaps and cracks, increases efficiency, reinforces its structural integrity and strengthens the chimney while protecting it from the corrosive effects of flue gases. The versatility of Thermocrete simplifies the retrofitting of chimneys for natural gas conversion, offering a speedy, cost-effective and eco-friendly installation process. Unlike conventional fuel conversion techniques, Thermocrete requires no extensive construction and does not compromise the flue’s diameter.

Eco Grizzly’s skilled technicians provide quick, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly installation, ensuring safe and efficient fireplace operation and extending the chimney’s longevity.

Eco Grizzly’s highly trained and certified chimney flue contractors first perform thorough inspections to assess the condition of your chimney. Based on their findings, they will determine whether your chimney requires flue liner repair or is functioning correctly, ensuring that you receive accurate and reliable information regarding your chimney’s safety and efficiency.


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