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Firebox Repair

Our fireplace firebox repair service provides professional inspections to identify and repair damages in masonry or prefab fireboxes. From repairing cracks and rust to complete replacements, our expert technicians ensure your fireplace is safe and functional for years to come.

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What is a firebox?

The fireplace firebox is an essential part of your fireplace and chimney system, directly housing the fire you burn. It is typically box-shaped, with three walls and one side open to the room. The firebox is designed to contain
the fire and direct the heat into the room, while also preventing the flames and embers from escaping into the surrounding area. This allows smoke and heat to safely travel up and out of the chimney through two openings, the one at the front and on top.

Well-built fireboxes are designed to keep exterior walls and combustible wood beams safe from intense heat. For optimal safety, ensure that your firebox is made of non-combustible materials like masonry, refractory mortar, or firebrick. Prefabricated metal fireboxes are also available depending on the fuel type (wood-burning, gas, or electric).


Fireplace Firebox Repair and Replacement

It’s crucial to be aware of any damage or potential safety concerns with your fireplace firebox. If you do come across any issues, don’t worry – you have the option to replace and upgrade your firebox. Even though masonry fireboxes are designed to last a lifetime, it’s not uncommon for cracks to develop in the bricks or mortar joints over time. Prefab fireboxes, on the other hand, need replacements to ensure that the exterior combustibles are protected. If the refractory panels start to crack or rust, it can expose the combustibles to high heat from the fire, posing a significant fire hazard. That’s why a cracked firebox in a fireplace should be repaired immediately. Although a well-maintained prefab system can last a long time, factors such as water leaks, excessively large fires, or natural aging can lead to failure of the firebox panels.

The good news is that you can prevent these hazards by scheduling your annual chimney inspection with Eco Grizzly. During the inspection, our technicians can identify any issues with your firebox and take the necessary steps to repair or replace it. If the damage is minimal, your technician will likely repair it. However, if something more serious is discovered, our experts will recommend a replacement.


What Are The Different Types of Fireboxes?

Masonry Firebox: This is a traditional firebox made of brick or stone. It’s known for its durability and ability to retain heat. These are constructed from scratch and built by a professional mason. They contain either stone, blocks or bricks. These materials are bonded together with a unique, heat-resistant type of mortar called refractory. The back wall is slanted to assist in funneling the smoke up the flue. Although building a masonry firebox is a considerably larger project than installing a prefabricated unit, masonry construction is more durable and has an authentic traditional look. Traditionally, masonry is designed for wood-burning specifically; however, you can convert your masonry wood system to gas or even install a firebox insert.

Prefabricated Firebox: A prefabricated firebox, as the name suggests, is a factory-built unit assembled in the job site and installed in the chimney structure’s framing. It functions similarly to a masonry firebox by protecting exterior components from the fire’s heat output—the most significant difference lies in the material.

Decorative Firebox: Decorative brick firebox panels are found in factory built fireplace. They typically feature a large ceramic panel that is textured to resemble a brick pattern. The panels, floor back wall and each side wall are all one piece.

Metal Firebox: This is a firebox made of metal such as steel or cast iron. They are usually pre-fabricated and can be quickly and easily installed.

Zero-Clearance Firebox: This is a firebox designed to be installed directly against combustible materials such as wood or drywall. It has a special insulation that prevents heat transfer and reduces the risk of fire.
See-Through Firebox: This type of firebox is open on two sides, allowing you to see the fire from two rooms at once.

Corner Firebox: This type of firebox is designed to fit into a corner of a room and has two open sides.

Linear Firebox: This type of firebox is long and narrow, and is often used in modern or contemporary designs.

Outdoor Firebox: This is a firebox designed for use in an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, and is usually made of durable materials such as concrete or stone.

Fireplace Firebox

Fireboxes are vital to the proper functioning of your chimney system because they protect combustible material in the chimney from intense heat and help funnel smoke to the outside. Without it, authentic wood and gas fire experiences would be impossible to enjoy.

With annual maintenance by one of our certified technicians, you and your loved ones can continue to enjoy the coziness of your fireplace safely.


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